Group Therapy

A majority of my one-on-one clients often progress to group therapy. Consider group therapy as a real-world workshop where you exchange honest feedback in immediate interactions with other group participants. The combination of individual and group therapy can lead to significant personal growth and is an effective approach for addressing prevalent concerns such as depression, anxiety, trauma, codependency, dysfunctional family dynamics, sustaining recovery from addiction, and more. Group therapy aids you in reforming your self-perception, offers companionship throughout your therapeutic journey, and equips you with pragmatic understanding and strategies to facilitate the changes you desire.

The co-ed Monday process group is a space for personal development, facilitated by therapists, Matthew Beason and Campbell Dean. This mixed-gender group helps participants deal with social issues, improve emotional connections, and increase self-awareness. With a focus on group interaction, the meetings provide valuable insights for personal growth. The group size is kept to 6-8 clients for effective interaction and meets weekly for consistent progress. The group addresses common human struggles in a secure, private setting.

Monday group meets weekly, 3:30pm – 5:00 pm.

The men’s Thursday process group is a dedicated group for men, co-facilitated by Matthew Beason and Campbell Dean. The group functions as a therapeutic environment, helping participants navigate social barriers, deepen intimacy, and gain insights. The in-person sessions draw from the facilitators’ experience in wilderness therapy, residential substance use, and family systems. The group size is kept to 6-8 clients and meets weekly for steady development.

Thursday group meets weekly, 2:00pm – 3:30 pm.

I am planning to start additional groups in the near future as well. Please reach out with any questions or interest.


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