Therapy Based In Authenticity

An experience created between therapist and client that pertains to all relationships. Holding advanced training in Gestalt Therapy. Attachment based, somatic/body oriented, and trauma informed. Ask about Group and Family therapy.

Matthew Beason


I am deeply passionate about working with families and groups, a setting where I firmly believe the healing power of therapy is amplified. Group therapy functions as an innovative laboratory, a safe space where we can experiment with new ways of relating to the world and to one another. In this environment, we can explore how we are perceived, scrutinize our behaviors in relationships, and practice alternative ways of engaging to foster more meaningful and fulfilling connections.

Since 2012, I have been immersed in the field of mental health and addiction recovery. My ideal client is someone grappling with their life’s direction, someone who is seeking guidance and is open to being gently yet firmly challenged while being truly seen and acknowledged. I strive to understand you on a deeper level and foster a greater awareness of what makes you unique. Through this collaborative process, you can expect to develop a profound sense of meaning and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

My therapeutic style is warm, inquisitive, and infused with humor and challenge. I place significant emphasis on the experience created between therapist and client and how this dynamic reflects in all other relationships. My approach is rooted in attachment theory, somatic/body orientation, and trauma-informed care.

My advanced training in Gestalt Therapy, which focuses on the somatic/body, the present moment, and personal responsibility, equips me with a unique skill set. I bring a blend of authenticity, humor, and extensive experience to my work. I firmly believe that a psychotherapist should be actively engaged in their own journey of self-discovery. Therefore, my time spent in wilderness therapy and personal psychotherapy has been instrumental to my professional development and personal growth.

I invite you to reach out with any questions you may have. I am here to assist you in your journey and look forward to hearing from you. Whether you are considering family therapy, individual therapy, or both, I am confident that we can work together to navigate your path towards healing and self-discovery.

Professional Development

As both a person and a professional, I believe in the importance of ongoing growth and development. This is why I consistently seek out opportunities for continued education in professional settings. I regularly attend professional conferences, such as those hosted by the American Academy of Psychotherapists AAP, where I have the opportunity to learn from and engage with other professionals in the field. I’ve also pursued advanced training in Gestalt Therapy, EMDR, and group therapy, deepening my expertise and enhancing my therapeutic approach. Literature review forms a crucial part of my learning process, allowing me to stay updated with the latest research and developments in psychotherapy. I believe that personal growth and professional growth are intertwined, and as such, I continue to engage in personal therapy. This commitment to lifelong learning ensures that I am always evolving, both personally and professionally, and brings a richness and depth to my work as a therapist.

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Matthew Beason

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